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Get Set Event Hire specialises in supplying stunning Marquess for all occasions, weddings, parties and so much more.

  • Clipframe Marquees
    Clipframe marquees have a steel frame and can be erected on any surface and joined to buildings - optional silk linings and clear walls for weddings and special occasions.

    Sizes Available:
    6mtr Series:
    6m x 6m
    6m x 9m
    6m x 12m
    6m x 15m
    6m x 18m
    6m x 21m
    6m x 24m

    10mtr Series:
    10m x 10m
    10m x 15m
    10m x 20m
    10m x 25m
    10m x 30m
    10m x 35m
    10m x 40m
    10m x 45m
    10m x 50m

  • Hampton Peg & Pole Marquee
    Introducing our NEW Hampton pole tent. The Hampton will create an unforgettable atmosphere with its clean roof lines and stunning design. 9.7m x 21.2m – 12m mid-section & 3 center poles.
    The Hampton comes in Ferrari F402 Champagne fabric.
    The side and centre poles are all alloy 'Timbertec' coated to give a realistic wooden finish.
    These beautiful marquees are fully engineered and manufactured for optimum performance in challenging weather conditions. Very quiet and stable in windy conditions.
    Available in 3 sizes:
    9.7m x 9.7m
    9.7m x 15.2m
    9.7m x 21.2m
  • Electron Marquees
    These marquees are a peg and pole style with center poles. They can only be erected on grass areas. Optional Silk Linings & clear walls are available.

    Sizes Available:
    6mtr Series:
    6m x 6m
    6m x 9m
    6m x 12m
    6m x 15m
    6m x 18m

    9mtr Series:
    9m x 9m
    9m x 15m
    9m x 21m
    9m x 27m
    9m x 33m

    12mtr Series:
    12m x 12m
    12m x 18m
    12m x 24m
    12m x 30m
    12m x 36m
    12m x 42m

  • Grand Marquees for Small Weddings
    Do you have a small group of friends and family planned to come to your wedding or party, but you still want to impress? Have a look at a few options for small but stylish marquees. Theme your own event with our event hire coordinators today!
  • Springtop Marquee
    These are great for small gatherings and can be erected on a deck or used to extend a garage.

    Sizes Available:
    3m x 3m
    3m x 6m
    5m x 5m
    6m x 6m.

  • Catering Solutions
    The need for catering at corporate events is a must. Space can be a major issue. Suitable marquees that have no interior obstructions are Springtop Marquees and Clipframe Marquees. POA
  • Lining of Halls
    Ceiling lining can transform a plain space into a beautiful, sophisticated environment. Think of how that school ball could look with a gym or hall turned into a stylish marquee.