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  • Gravy Boat
    A roast dinner is not complete without a gravy boat.
    NZ$ 2.50
  • Patra Side Plate 16cm
    Part of our patra range and perfect for your wedding or event table settings
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Patra Sweets Bowl - 14cm
    A cute little sweet/desert bowls to accompany our patra range
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Patra Dessert/Soup Bowl 23cm
    This is our leading range of quality crockery. This dessert bowl is also ideal for serving pasta or soup.
    The patra range offers a variety of items to choose from to create a uniformed table setting.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Patra Luncheon/Entree Plate 23cm
    A medium sized white rimmed plate. This is a suitable option for any dining occassion.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Patra Dinner Plate 27cm
    A standard sized plate that is ideal for entertaining. A popular choice which is available for a large number of people.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Patra Show Plate - Large 31cm
    Larger than the standard sized dinner plate. It is a great option for that special occassion, either dinner or dessert.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Patra Deep dinner plate - 31cm
    This deep dinner plate is perfect to show off a pasta dish or something fancy
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Cup & Saucer - White Plain
    This durable set is part of our Patra range, and is ideal for entertaining.
    NZ$ 0.60
  •  Coffee Mug - White
    A popular choice when serving coffee. It is an elegant option within the arcopal range.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Coffee Mug - Expresso
    Perfect for a short black shot or try using as a dish for your favourite desert
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Floral Milk Jug & sugar bowl
    This lovely classic vintage set, is great for a high-tea occasions or to add to your vintage rustic theme.
    NZ$ 4.00
  • Milk Jug
    A necessity when serving tea or coffee, which compliments the patra cup and saucer set.
    NZ$ 2.00
  • Sugar Bowl
    A popular accessory when serving meals to your guests. Included within the patra range of tableware.
    NZ$ 2.00
  • Patra Salt and Pepper Pair
    To complete your patra table set, this is another essential duo for any dining occassion.
    These come already filled with salt & pepper
    NZ$ 1.50
  • Ramekin - 7oz
    White crockery ramekin dish
    NZ$ 1.50
  • Cup and Saucer Vintage Sets
    We have a lovely selection of Vintage Cups and Saucers that will suit many types of functions and occasions.
    NZ$ 2.50
  • Side Plates - Floral Vintage
    These are all uniquely vintage and would suit a high tea function, a dinner party, or a vintage wedding.
    NZ$ 1.00