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  • Beer handle
    Fantastic strong beer handles, perfect for a beer fest celebration or back yard barbeque!
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Beer, Pilsner Glass
    Classy tall glass for a nice cool beer, set the trend at your wedding or function with this classy beer glass. 355ml
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Stemmed Beer Glass 320ml
    This glass is essential for any party. Suitable to house the ultimate ale. When paired with any of our other drinking glass options, you will be sure to have a great night!
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Champagne Flute - short stem 170ml
    Celebrate in style with these quality champagne flutes. Contact us today, our willing staff are available to ease the stress of party planning.
    Glass sizes may vary at individual branches from 150ml-190ml.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Champagne flute - tall stem 170ml
    Perfect for bubbles for your special occasion
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Champagne/Cocktail Saucers
    Perfect when serving champagne belini's or champagne cocktails. These glasses will add a touch of charm to your celebrations.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Drinking Jar
    Perfect for a rustic cocktail or homemade lemonade
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Margarita Glass
    Perfect for your next cocktail party...why not serve frozen Margaritas!
    NZ$ 1.00
  • Martini Glass
    When planning a cocktail party, choose these glasses as they will be sure to impress your friends.
    NZ$ 1.00
  • High Ball Glass 330ml
    A great glass for juice, water and drinks alike, with its tall slim style it will add a fresh touch to your setting. Holds 330ml.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Stemless Wine Glass
    The modern wine glass that is very much in vogue, the perfect solution to enjoying your quality wine,
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Wine glass - sequence 350ml
    This fine crystal glass is perfect for either white or red wine, the gorgeous shape is lovely to hold and looks stunning on a table setting
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Wine Glass 270ml or 380ml
    This tulip shaped wine glass is suitable for any dining occasion, add a touch of sophistication to your next event with this stylish glass.
    Comes in two sizes 270ml for white wine or the large 380ml for red wine.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Red Wine Glass or Gin Bowl 740ml
    This balloon shaped large glass is perfect for Gin Cocktails or your favorite Red wine - 740ml
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Wine Tasting Glass - 215mL
    A standard 215mL wine tasting glass, perfect for having guests try a few wines or for a function at a winery or business.
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Shot Glass
    A 30mL standard shot glass - use this to make drinks at your, or to keep your guests entertained all night!
    NZ$ 0.60
  • Mini Milk Bottle
    Sweet mini 'milk bottles' that look great with either juice for a childs birthday party or to add something different to a cocktail. Looks extra special with a fun paper straw - also available from Taupo Hire.
    NZ$ 1.00
  • Carafe 500ml
    A more contemporary style, these are an extremely popular choice when organising events. Can be used for wine,water and juice
    NZ$ 1.50
  • Carafe 1L
    A more contemporary style, these are an extremely popular choice when organising events.
    NZ$ 2.00
  • Glass Jug 2.3L
    A jug for water on every table is essential when catering for guests. However these can be used in many situations. They are both practical and attractive.
    NZ$ 2.50
  • Water Bottle
    Rustic look water bottle with attached stopper, perfect for your wedding or event.
    NZ$ 1.00
  • Plastic Beer Jug
    Great for your next party
    NZ$ 1.00
  • Crystal Glassware
    This crystal set is 24% Pb0 - Made in the Czech Republic this is crystal at its finest, great for your bridal table and other special occasions.
    NZ$ 2.00